TP-MVPT-Banner-1200X630px-1 Is your business benefitting from effective team-based health care?

What is Team-based Healthcare?

Team-based veterinary healthcare describes how a practice can utilise their whole team to deliver a fuller service.

A date for your diary

Laura Shaw, our development consultant will be speaking at The London VetShow 2023 (Thursday 17th November 12.45pm) in the Modern Veterinary Practice Theatre.  Her session will look at the benefits of developing a team-based healthcare programme in your practice.  We’ll discover how this system can improve patient outcomes, client bonding, practice revenues and improve team member retention.

Joining the dots of Team-based Healthcare

But team-based healthcare doesn’t just happen.  For it to be successful you need to have processes in place which will allow all of your team members to fit perfectly into the system – like a cog in a well-oiled machine.  You need to have a robust training system which will ensure each of your team members knows their own role in the system. In addition they must be fully aware of what their colleagues are doing too. No one works in isolation.  Most importantly there must be trust.  Trust that advice being given is correct and that everyone’s role in the system is respected.


Depositphotos_5952656_XL-cogs-scaled Is your business benefitting from effective team-based health care?

So you need to have a process planned out. You need to have effective training across the team. You must ensure there is effective communication among the team.

The processes need to be subject to continuous improvement, which all team members are comfortable to contribute to.  Lastly, you also need to measure how you are doing as a team.

Laura will pull apart these requirements to discuss how you could implement a team-based healthcare programme in your practice.

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