Offering you packages of industry-leading content, we partner with many specialists to provide the best training resources. Learn about them below.
petaurum Partners
Petaurum Solutions

Your ultimate employee manual

Our editable, employee manual forms part of the Essential and Veterinary Essentials start-up packages. Petaurum HR Solutions help us keep it bang up to date.

Optimum-Safety-Gradient-small Partners

Optimum Safety

Practical health and safety training

Handling your health and safety training content, Optimum Safety helped us create a practical (and adaptable) Health and Safety Toolbox. You’ll find it in our Essential and Veterinary Essentials start-up packages.

vetshare Partners


Discounts for vets

Due to our veterinary heritage, we’re a VetShare service partner. If you’re a member of the buying group, you’ll receive fantastic discounts on Training Progress. Just give us your membership details.

oncore Partners


Online learning for vets

Another vet-specific partner, OnCore creates online courses for standardising processes and educating veterinary teams. We use their courses in our Veterinary Essentials start-up package to help you develop quality, evidence-based processes.