Offering you packages of industry-leading content, we partner with many specialists to provide the best training resources. Learn about them below.
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Petaurum HR

Your ultimate employee manual

Our editable, employee manual forms part of the Essential and Veterinary Essentials start-up packages. Petaurum HR Solutions help us keep it bang up to date.

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Optimum Safety

Practical health and safety training

Handling your health and safety training content, Optimum Safety helped us create a practical (and adaptable) Health and Safety Toolbox. You’ll find it in our Essential and Veterinary Essentials start-up packages.

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CVG Solutions.

Taking the pain out of GDPR compliance

Understanding, implementing and complying with the UK GDPR regulation can seem like a dauting and overwhelming task.  However, the multi-award winning CVG Solutions, renowned for making GDPR sweeter, have created the 3 Stage Maturity cycle which Educate, Empower and Enable you to be aware of the regulation requirements, how to apply it to your everyday processes and create the confidence and opportunity for business growth.  CVG Solutions offers Training in a variety of format, a Toolkit and Consulting to make your journey sweeter.

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Veterinary Independent Purchasing Group

Discounts for independent veterinary practices

Veterinary Independent Purchasing Group specialises in ensuring independent veterinary practices get the best possible deal through their buying group.  Visit them to see how much you could save and to find out about the great deal we offer to Veterinary Independent Purchasing Group members. 

oncore Partners


Online learning for vets

Another vet-specific partner, OnCore creates online courses for standardising processes and educating veterinary teams. We use their courses in our Veterinary Essentials start-up package to help you develop quality, evidence-based processes.