Terms and Conditions

Most importantly, thank you for entrusting your businesses online training system to Training Progress. It is important to have clearly laid out the terms on which we operate and the way we expect to do business. Some aspects of the Terms may not be relevant to you and we request that you ask for further explanation/clarification if required.



Payments are made in advance by Direct Debit for the following month’s on-line service. We will need current bank account details and a Direct Debit authorisation before commencing the service. We are covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee. Items such as customised installation, on-site visits and training will normally be invoiced and payment taken with the following Direct Debit payment. Exceptionally payments may be made on invoice by BACs, however these may be subject to additional account charges,  ask for details.



You are entitled to cease use of the Training Progress system at any time. We do require one month’s written notice signed by a Director or Partner, to ensure validity of the request and to allow a smooth transfer of data and report information.


Inability to Pay

If, for any reason, a Direct Debit payment fails, then your access to the on-line system may be subject to immediate termination.


Late Payment

Where a Direct Debit payment fails, or a BACs payment is not received by the due date, then a defaulted payment surcharge will be levied, together with on-going administration charges to help cover the costs of the additional administration that is required and any services required to recover any outstanding amounts. In addition interest will be levied based on 4% over the current Lloyds base rate. In addition any payment term (e.g. 30 days) allowed on any future invoice will be reduced, this may extend to requiring payment in advance for any goods and services.


Data Protection

Training Progress is registered under the Data Protection Act (Registration Number ZA015828). Details of our registration as a Data Controller can be found at the web site of the Information Commissioner’s Office (www.ico.gov.uk).


Your Data, Documents, Images etc

Any image, document, or other material uploaded to the Training Progress system is your responsibility. Your company or organisation is required to ensure that all such material is legal, truthful, decent and honest. If Training Progress is made aware of any unsuitable content, then it may, at its absolute discretion remove or prohibit access to any such material.

Your data is stored securely on the Training Progress system and you may remove it at any time during your active subscription. Your data is kept separate from any other subscribers’ information and will not be made available to any other subscriber without your permission.


Our Data, Documents, Images etc

Any image, document, or other material uploaded to the Training Progress system by Training Progress Ltd is subject to our copyright and may not be used for any other purpose without our specific written consent.


Telephone Recording

Phone calls to, or from Training Progress may be recorded. The purpose of this recording is for training, compliance and security. The recordings may be used in the case of any dispute.


Complaints and Standards

Training Progress is committed to providing an exceptional standard of service and care. We realise, however, that things can go wrong and there may be occasions when you feel your expectations were not met. We hope that before you complain you will give us a chance to put things right. Most problems can be sorted out easily and quickly, often at the time they arise and with the person concerned. If your problem cannot be sorted out in this way, and you wish to make a formal complaint, we would like you to let us know in writing within six months. An acknowledgement letter will be sent once your formal complaint has been received. This will detail the name of the person handling your complaint and the estimated timeline for any investigation and response. In the event that you do not feel satisfied with our attempts at resolution you are entitled to seek legal remedies.


Zero Tolerance

Training Progress has a “zero tolerance” policy regarding violence, or threats of violence and abuse. We do not tolerate discrimination on the basis of age, sex, race, mental or physical disability, religious or sexual preferences.



Training Progress may contact your business by letter, phone, text or electronic means for accounting and marketing purposes.

Please see our Privacy Policy for more details about how we respect your data.

No addition or variation of these conditions will bind Training Progress unless it is specifically agreed in writing and signed by one of the directors. No agent or person employed by or under contract with the business has the authority to alter or vary these conditions in any way.


The Business

Training Progress is UK based and managed.
Training Progress Ltd is registered in England and Wales, company number 08649725.
Registered office address: Milner Mount Farm, Menwith Hill, Harrogate HG3 2RN.
Training Progress is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office for Data Protection with reference: ZA015828
VAT Registration No. GB 169 1652 84