Software features

Training-Progress partners with you daily, combining innovative team training software with effective document management to accelerate team development and boost business productivity.

Unrivalled Support

Unlike many software tools, your Training-Progress subscription comes with ample support from our friendly, UK-based team. You’re never on your own.

We’ll help you make the most of your training platform.


  • Easy to use 24/7
  • Login and profile for everyone
  • Handy dashboard for status snapshot
  • Help and search functions on every page
  • How to videos and friendly support
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Training-Programme Features

Tailored training wherever they are

Everyone has a personal training programme – from new starter to continuous development. The cloud-based system allows easy access weather at work or on the move.


Creating your own content based on your business processes, means your training program will be unique and tailored to your business. But you can lean on our content packages too, to get set up quick. We offer a Health and Safety Toolbox and Employee HR Manual, for example.

With a document management system at its core, Training-Progress accepts any file type. Plus, enrich your content with video links, quizzes, observation logs and interactive content. We’ll show you how.

Every user sees outstanding training on their dashboard. They choose when and where to complete it.

Whether self-assessed or trainer assessed, learning outcomes are clear for each task.

Engaging team communication

The communication hub keeps everyone up to date. You’ll know what they’ve read too.

Community News is like social media for your business. Circulate team member news so everyone stays in touch. Is John running a marathon for charity? Tell everyone here.

Urgent News helps you track important communications. No more lost memos or missed emails. Everyone must confirm they’ve read and understood it. It’s simple to send reminders if necessary.

It’s easy and keeps everything in one place.

Document-Management Features

Accurate document management

Know that dusty old file on the shelf holding your important documents? Ditch it. Use Training-Progress for document management instead.

An online operations manual for everything that runs your business. Accessible, 24/7. Include standard operating procedures (SOPs), instruction manuals and checklists. Temporary and permanent staff have a convenient reference point whenever they need it.

Working to ISO9001 standards, Training-Progress reminds you when to update documents – conveniently located and all in one place to prevent duplication.  Previous versions are time stamped and archived for safe-keeping.

Make outdated documents a thing of the past.