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What is Training-Progress?

Training-Progress is a training and process management system. It was designed to fulfil a need in our business (a veterinary hospital). We needed to be able to track our team member training and to ensure consistency across our rapidly growing team.
Having reaped the benefits of the system, we want to share the advantages of consistency, efficiency and order, with other business owners.

Training-Progress is a software through which you can manage your businesses processes. It becomes the ‘single source of truth’ for your business.
Your processes will be integrated into your team members’ training programmes ensuring that every team member is trained fully and consistently according to the agreed processes

What are the advantages of integrating process management and training?

  • Swift inductions – Your team members will confidently achieve full productivity in a swift and consistent manner.
  • Devolution of training responsibility – The system will involve your whole team in the training process by recognising and supporting peer-to-peer training. This reduces training bottle necks; reduces training burdens and develops leadership skills across your workforce.
  • Protect your business from corporate amnesia – As a ‘single source of truth’, Training-Progress will lock knowledge into your business preventing its loss when a team member leaves.
  • Proof of Training – It will protect your business by providing proof of essential H&S or regulatory training
  • Engage your team in quality improvement of processes – The system will help you to develop better processes with the help of happy engaged team members.
  • Manage changing processes – You will be able to track the acknowledgement of changes to processes allowing change to be rolled about swiftly and with confidence.

Give yourself freedom by taking control

Give yourself the freedom to take a step back by ensuring your business is systemised and your team fully trained. Be secure in the knowledge that your team have the tools and knowledge at their fingertips to drive your business, even if you are not at the helm.

Our client Michelle Lingard from Moy vets said ‘Training Progress is providing the answer to the big problem in any business of – how to ensure all of the team are fully trained and are delivering the same service to clients and pets at all times. Also that they understand and know about changes within the business processes‘.

A Unique Software Solution

Training-Progress builds training programmes for your team members, based on their job roles. It delivers the training in a bite-sized and timely manner. This keeps your training lean, efficient and easy to navigate.
Training-Progress is not a typical learning management system. We believe that team member competency should be based on the demonstration of skills and values rather than someone’s ability to answer a multiple choice questions. A mixture of personal accountability and skills based assessment make Training-Progress a unique and practical solution.

If you want to learn more about how Training-Progress can help you take control of your business, allowing you to let go, then contact Laura for a free exploratory conversation today.

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