Thank you for your time at the London Vet Show. Every business has different goals, so it is important to know your goals for your training programme.  What will success look like for your business?

More time away from the business?

With a confident, well trained team and a single point of reference, you can spend more time away from the business enjoying what is important to you.

Increased efficiency

Systemising your business and ensuring your team are working consistently to your processes will increase efficiency and reduce wastage (of time, resources and money).  For the systems to work, your team need to be consistently trained according to the processes.

A happy, engaged work force

Team members who are well trained and confident will be happy in their work and working consistently as a team will reduce stress levels.  Giving them the tools to engage in quality improvement of the processes they use, will boost self-esteem.  Recognising and rewarding team members for their contributions made in supporting colleagues is a great moral booster too; all factors in boosting staff retention.

Harmonisation of services across branches

Disparity in working practices can cause real problems between business sites.  Having a single source of truth for the business, with agreed processes contributed to by all stakeholders will improve parity of service and reduce inter-team friction.

A business which can run itself

Creating a single source of truth for a business ensures team members don’t become knowledge silos, vulnerable to loss if they leave the business.  If you are looking at your exit strategy, it is vital that the business is not reliant on any one individual for their specialist knowledge (even yours!)

Protection against litigation

Up-to-date accessible training records will provide proof of training in health and safety or knowledge of your sensitive HR policies. Ensuring your business is protected from malicious litigation.

Swifter more effective inductions

Planned, consistent inductions which are team member driven, will increase team member confidence and reduce time to productive working.

Training-Progress will deliver this your successful Training Programme.

Our platform integrates your business processes into a simple to use training programme for your team members, ensuring they are consistently trained according to your processes.  You can track their training and use this information for team member development, appraisals, proof of training for compliance schemes such as RCVS PSS or litigation protection, helping you achieve business and team member development goals.

As a central source of knowledge your business is no longer vulnerable to knowledge silos and is more valuable as a result.

With a single source of truth and consistently trained team, you are able to take a step back from your business in the knowledge that your team will maintain your service according to your values.

What do our clients say?

Our client Michelle Lingard from Moy vets said ‘Training-Progress is providing the answer to the big problem in any business of – how to ensure all of the team are fully trained and are delivering the same service to clients and pets at all times. Also that they understand and know about changes within the business processes‘.

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