Following on from the success of our free Controlled Drug CPD modules earlier this year, we would like to offer our hard working colleagues another set of free CPD modules. This time in Quality Improvement.

The 3 sessions have been created and narrated by Lizzy Whiting BVSc CertAVP MRCVS who sits on the RCVS advisory board for Quality Improvement.  The sessions include –

  • What is QI
  • How to get started
  • What to discuss
  • How to follow it up
  • Formulating guidelines
  • Review and refinement

Training-Progress is an ideal tool to building your practice QI process around.  The document management system and training programmes can be used to ensure that all team members are kept up to date with changes, the ‘help’ buttons can be used to submit feedback on guidelines and the communication features will ensure that all team members are aware of and have access to checklists and guidelines.

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