Successful Risk Assessment Management in the Workplace

Empowering Expectations: Navigating Pregnancy Risk with Training-Progress for a Safer Workplace and Thriving Business

I had a call today which I thought would make an interesting case study for our Blog.

Our client (let’s call her Victoria) has a newly pregnant team member (we’ll call her Helen) and has, with the aid of her HR consultant, created a personalised risk assessment for the expectant mother.  (NB, The H&S and HR Essentials Start-up Package includes an expectant mothers risk assessment template.) She would like to ensure that the risk assessment is confidential to the team member but also easily accessible for her, so she can quickly check it at any time while at work or at home.  She will also need to ensure the rest of the team are aware of the additional health and safety mitigations they will be required to abide by.

Depositphotos_651878536_XLpreg-nurse-600-e1702467001111 Successful risk assessment management in the workplace

Challenge 1 – to store a pregnancy risk assessment so that it is accessible but confidential.

So, Victoria created a work area for which she was the supervisor and her job role (director) was the only allocated job role.  (Alternatively, she could have created a ‘dummy’ job role with no associated team members.) She then created an element called ‘Helen’s Pregnancy risk assessment’.  This element was marked as confidential so it would NOT appear in the library search. 

not-visible Successful risk assessment management in the workplace

She then added the element to Helen’s personal training programme.  These precautions mean that Helen has access to her pregnancy risk assessment – and can sign off to say she has read and understood it.  However, no one else (apart from Victoria) has access to the document (either via the training programme or the search function.)

risk Successful risk assessment management in the workplace

onnAs Helen’s pregnancy falls under Special Category 6 (medical) data according to (UK)GDPR it would also have been appropriate for Victoria to review accessibility and security on the platform.  Training-Progress is equipped with Dual-Level Authentication (DLA) technology which allows businesses tighten access to their platform.  DLA can kick in at any level of access rights on Training-Progress – you are in control.

Challenge 2 – To ensure the team are aware of their obligations and necessary mitigations to keep Helen and her baby safe.

With Helen’s permission, an urgent news item was posted reminding the team of specific health and safety requirements and mitigations. Victoria was then able to simply track which team members had read and acknowledged the message.  Those who were a little tardy were gently reminded by using the reminder system.

urgent-preeg Successful risk assessment management in the workplace

Victoria benefitted from 2 elegant solutions provided by Training-Progress to keep her team member safe and protect her business from potential litigation and reputational harm.

If you would like to learn more about how Training-Progress can help you manage your risk assessments to keep your team safe and protect your business please book a discovery call below.