How can Training-Progress help you share your vision for your New Normal?

Our Team and Quality Management system is a powerful communication tool that ensures your team is aware of changes to your processes.

The system comprises of:

Team training programme
Integrated document management system
Communication hub
Team management features.

Functions in the training programme include:

  • Requirement to reassess updated protocols

  • Reporting systems to monitor uptake

  • Ability to send reminders.

Engage your team in the development of processes:

  • By requesting assistance and make suggestions
  • Providing feedback on what’s working and what’s not.

Improve your internal communications with the Urgent News feature which includes:

  • Requirement to acknowledge messages

  • Reports on team uptake

  • Reminders for unread items.

Your team is your greatest asset. Ensure they are working consistently together to achieve your vision of your New Normal.

Easy to Learn.
Powerful to Use.

Our team training programme leads your team members through the tasks required for their job role. The reporting system allow you to track individual and team progress.

The integrated document management system ensures consistency and acts as central reference tool.

Communication features ensure your team are in the know.

Our aim is to develop thriving businesses through consistent working practices and quality improvement. 

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Team training programme

We ensure your whole team is trained for their job role with simple tracking, reporting and reminders.

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Confidence in communication

We track acknowledgement of communications keeping you in control.

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Quality improvement

Engage your whole team in the development of your work processes.


Kirsty Barker BVMS MRCVS, Director, Ashlea Vets:

Thank you. I have just spent the morning with the RCVS inspector – showing and telling her how wonderful we find Training-Progress.

Michelle Lingard, Director, Moy Vets

“Training Progress is providing the answer to the big problem in any business of – how to ensure all of the team are fully trained and are delivering the same service to clients and pets at all times. Also that they understand and know about changes within the business processes. This has been especially useful as at Moy Vets we have 2 sites.

Ciara Reid MVB, Ark Vets (Dublin):

Great for new staff (and we have had a few recently!!!)

Worked well for the Health and safety stuff too. We could see who had not completed it!

Kirsty Barker BVMS MRCVS, Director, Ashlea:

Delighted to recommend Training – Progress. We have had the system for 2 years. It took us a while to upload and organise all our SOP’s and other important documents, however, it has proved time very well spent. We now have everything in one place which all staff has access to.

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Why choose Training-Progress?

Training-Progress offers a unique solution to the problem of team member training; whatever your business. The simple to use, cloud-based system ensures your team are all trained according to your processes for all of the tasks required for their job role. You can track their progress and also extract data for objective appraisals and proof for compliance schemes.

Your team will be trained and working consistently; improving productivity; improving client bonding and reducing team member stress.
The system can be utilised during change management and quality improvement processes to ensure you take your whole team on your improvement journey.

Exceptional support and training help to kick start your Training-Progress experience in building a confident and knowledgeable team.


Training-Progress combines a unique personalised team member training programme, reporting functions, communication features and reference tools, making it the essential team and quality management tool for any workplace.

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