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Consistent online training for veterinary practices

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Imagine you had a confident veterinary team that always knew what they were doing. The right people with the right skills. Just think: your resilient business could handle every challenge – with or without you.

You retained great team members. Everyone had time to serve clients well.

And yet, many veterinary practices muddle through training with a dusty document file, no clear goals, and a huge time burden. Does having motivated, skilled staff seem like a distant dream? Here’s a better way…

Julia Mewes Director, Mewes Vets

‘”Embarking on the journey of opening not one, but two clinics within a single year, we found ourselves faced with the challenge of efficiently onboarding a wave of new team members. Thankfully Training-Progress was a game-changer for us, ensuring our new team members are trained consistently to our processes – despite the large geographical distance between the new clinics.

It quickly became our go-to resource, acting as the primary source of knowledge for our team members, who now rely on it daily to keep them working inline with our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and according to our practice values.  What sets Training-Progress apart is not just its functionality but its simple accessibility. The platform’s user-friendly design, ensures that our valuable resources are just a click away.

We are particularly grateful to have data sheets easily accessible to print out or email to clients, as well as all our client educational leaflets. No more running around the clinic trying to find a paper copy of the particular document I need, only to find that they have run out. And we can easily keep the platform up to date as we add protocols or update documents.”

Training-Progress has been transforming veterinary teams since 2003. From inductions to development, enjoy tailored online training with 24/7 access. Centrally manage your processes for consistent service and easily keep in touch with everyone. All from within your Training-Progress.

• Tailored online veterinary training 24/7
• Ease the burden on key team members
• Create a competent, happy team
• Manage your protocols effectively
• Communicate updates reliably
• Scale your business faster

Prove your standards

If your veterinary practice is part of the RCVS Practice Standards Scheme (PSS), you’ll know it’s important to develop and prove high standards of veterinary care.
Success relies on robust and ongoing training. Is yours letting you down?

By using Training-Progress, you have evidence at the touch of a button. And should you compete for awards, you’ll boost your chances by demonstrating excellent training and solid processes.

Created by vets for vets

The story of Training-Progress started with Bob Partridge, a well-known vet in North Yorkshire.

He understood first-hand how poorly trained staff damaged your business. And yet, most practices had no consistent method in place.

This blind spot prompted Bob to create Training-Progress for his own practice in 2003. Everyone had access to the learning they needed. The difference was remarkable.

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Michelle Lingard, Director, Moy Vets:

“Training-Progress provides the answer to the big problem in any business – how to ensure all your team is fully trained and delivering the same service to every client.”

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