Training-Progress Data Back-up Policy


Training-Progress and the data therein is stored on the UK Fast database. Backup is performed daily at 2am, at 24 hour intervals, and UKFast retain up to 7 distinct backups.

The decision as to whether to retrieve data will be the responsibility of Peter Smith. If Peter is not available then this decision can be made by Brian O’Grady of Inca Internet.

Should backup need to be retrieved this will be the responsibility of Peter Smith, unless he is away in which case it can be requested by Bob Partridge or Laura Shaw and the data from the most recent back-up will be restored.  (Or, in the event of corruption or similar failure, the most recent version available that is not corrupted)


Training Progress endeavour to ensure that no more than 24 hours of data is lost in the event that any back up restoration is required, unless such backup is beyond reasonable commercial recovery, in which case in the majority of cases, no more than 48 hours of data loss should occur.