What are the Benefits?

Training-Progress changes the direction of training. Your team will use their individual Training-Plans to perform self-directed learning, rather than top-down training tying up senior staff. 

  • Your organisation’s procedures and policies will be delivered in a consistent manner, not vary depending on the trainer.

  • A team member’s Training-Index provides a quick assessment of their contribution to the organisation.

  • Appraisals become quantifiable, progress can be compared to the structured training plans.

  • The electronic skill matrix allows easy identification of skill gaps and allows targeted training. In addition “what if” analyses can be run to see the effects of losing key team members.

  • Training can be verifiably delegated to suitably competent junior team members (who are rewarded for the added responsibility), freeing senior staff time.

  • The value of the provided training can be recorded – the costs of replacing staff can be accurately assessed.

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