Don't Be Like Jack – Get Organised and Go Digital.

15th Nov 2019 | Emily Fletcher

Jack is a Human Resources Manager in a social media company and his schedule for the day comprised of reviewing the employee benefits programme, creating a recruitment campaign for a new Social Media Manager, visiting departmental heads about their staff training requirements and three back-to-back interviews and one disciplinary. He wasn't looking forward to the disciplinary – not only was it a rather unpleasant experience, the paperwork was a nightmare.

The morning went well as Jack met with other managers and then planned out the recruitment campaign. The coffee was flowing, and he was getting through his tasks. Lunchtime proved a welcome break, and he headed off to the kitchen and grabbed a sandwich from the vending machine and plugged in his earphones. All was good. He felt refreshed and ready to tackle the interviews and disciplinary.

The candidates were waiting.

Jack headed over to his desk to grab the paperwork. It wasn't there. Joe, Jack's assistant, wasn't in today, and the paperwork was nowhere to be found on his desk either. Jack began frantically searching through in-trays, desk drawers and filing cabinets. Where was it? He began to panic as the interviewing process was a strictly defined one. Without the relevant documents, he could not carry out the interviews effectively. He couldn’t even find the interviewee’s CV’s.

The candidates were still waiting.

Jack ended up having to interview three people in a manner that was unprofessional and unplanned. He took notes, of course, but did not lead the candidates through the standard company selection procedure. Even worse, the disciplinary meeting was a disaster as Jack couldn't find the employee's former appraisals or their employment contract. These were somewhere on Joe's system, and he had not printed them off for Jack to use. Jack had to work from memory. It was a fiasco.

Lack of job role admin in the workplace is a disaster. If you have a set of prepared documents, that's excellent, but if no-one can retrieve them or update them easily, it's bad news. All too often, companies have paper-based systems that depend on staff being meticulous with their filing and archiving. Human error means that forms and documents are often not where they should be at the time when they are required.

In the example of Jack, the paperwork was not available. Had the company invested in a digital document storage system, then Jack's afternoon would have been infinitely better. The candidates would have experienced a professional selection process, and the disciplinary meeting would have been fair. It would not have mattered that Joe had taken the day off. Immediate access to records such as CVs, training plans, appraisals and more is of vital importance to all businesses.

Digital document storage systems allow any team member to retrieve important HR and other documents easily. Implementing such systems enables the smooth running of everyday admin tasks, regardless of who is in the office. Records are maintained accurately and are available at the click of a mouse.

Don't be like Jack.

Take a look at the benefits of digital document storage systems, so you never have to feel unprofessional, in a panic and wishing it was already time to go home.



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