Is Your Messy Desk Messing With Your Business?

17th Sep 2019 | Emily Fletcher

The average professional receives 11 Post-it® Note messages per day.

Add to that the Post-it® Notes you have bookmarking pages in your training manual and the company handbook, and your desk could be mistaken for a toddler's bedroom floor. Let's not even talk about the multi-coloured squared stickers adorning every PC and laptop in the building…

Since 1974, we have been sticking Post-it® Notes everywhere. As a nation, we love them, and they make us feel organised and efficient. They are a part of our office culture. However, have they lost their clout?

The problem is, when they're everywhere, we stop looking at them. They become a part of the furniture. It would be quite easy to miss those 11 daily messages, or never to look at the bookmarked page in the Procedures Manual. It's not a problem if the message is about signing Sue’s retirement card (unless you're Sue). It is definitely a problem if the Post-it® in the Procedures Manual highlights the new invoicing protocols and you have forgotten to look at it.

Post-it® Notes are just one example of bits of paper everywhere. Offices up and down the country are stacked with hard-copy files filled with documentation and in-trays full of paperwork. Messy documentation creates delays, time-wasting and importantly, difficulty in retrieving vital information when it is needed.

In this modern age, where customers require their goods and services to be delivered quicker and cheaper, our business operations need to be streamlined and efficient. Cleaning up our documentation systems can go a long way towards creating organised and well-run offices which, in turn, simplify business procedures and enhance efficiency.

Creating digital documentation and communication systems is the way forward. Having all of your documentation, whatever its function, accessible in one place, enables your team to manage their day-to-day working effectively. Universal access at any time and from any place allows for modern working practices to be catered for, such as hot-desking, job-sharing and working from home. A professional, digital documentation system is also a must when your business is based across various locations.

You don't need bookshelves and filing cabinets full of papers and confidential documents anymoe. You simply need a digital documentation system and The Cloud.

Imagine an office where you can lay your hands on whatever documents you need, instantly. Picture being able to do this at the same time as someone else, who isn’t even in the office. Envisage tidy, paper-free desks and important work communications popping up on your screen. How about accessing your team’s training schedules, HR paperwork and your archived data at the touch of a button? The benefits of orderly, digitised documentation are endless.

Streamlining your documentation system and eliminating messy desks will put you one-step ahead of the competition and serve to save you time, money and headaches.

As for the humble Post-it® Notes, completely eliminating them from the stationery budget may well prove to be too contentious for many, given how much everyone loves them. However, for those who are bold enough to make such a move, electronic ones are available here! The added benefit of such digital stickers is that no-one will miss the message to sign Sue’s card.


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