Is Positive Communication The Answer to Low Employee Morale?

28th Jun 2019 | Laura Shaw

When the negative chitter-chatter around the coffee machine in the kitchen becomes a regular occurrence, you know you have a problem. You can sense the adverse effects of negative corporate culture pervading everywhere from the car park through to team meetings. Lack of morale is like the common cold; everyone catches it, and before you know it half the workforce is down. No one seems particularly motivated, and it’s starting to create productivity problems. Once you arrive at this point, you’re in trouble because deficiencies in productivity will always impact sales and profits.

Tackling low morale and workplace negativity can seem like an impossible task. Where do you start? Do you increase pay, extend holidays, give out cakes on a Friday or maybe introduce flexi-time? While these, at first glance, appear to be incentives that will appease your employees, they are merely panic decisions that mask the underlying crisis and resolve nothing in the long-term. They are also expensive and potentially unsustainable.

Many a business owner has been faced with such a scenario, and by far, the best solution is to avoid getting to this point in the first place. But how do you escape it, and what can you do if it’s too late and you find yourself swimming in the mire of low morale and slackening productivity? The answer is, surprisingly, ‘communication.’

Successful communication is fundamental to business success, and the two are interdependent. Finding a team management solution that will provide you with a tool to communicate effectively with your employees is an investment worth making, which will serve to ultimately increase your profits. The benefits of creating a positive working culture through enhanced communication are:

•    Improvement in team engagement

•    Smooth delivery of tasks

•    A significant boost in morale

•    The inspiration for creativity and innovation

•    Increase in team loyalty

•    Improvement in the overall team and company effectiveness

Changing how you communicate, through the implementation of a well-defined communication strategy delivered via a specialised tool, lowers the chances of misunderstanding, offence, error and ‘team-politics’ all of which contribute to negative business culture. Where a culture of communication is embraced from top to bottom employees will begin to share ideas for improvement and add to the end goals of the business. In essence, the positivity created will increase output. A workplace with an engaged, happy and loyal team will always excel, and it is not something which magically happens because you throw a staff party once in a while.

Of course, there is always room for those extra incentives that make your team feel appreciated, and a ‘thank-you’ gesture goes a long way but to achieve consistent results, long-term business strategies across HR, finance, marketing and operations require implementing. Start with looking after your team and implementing the rest will be more straightforward.

It should also mean that you no longer have to avoid the coffee machine!

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