Are your team festive season ready?

17th Dec 2018 | Laura Shaw

The run up to Christmas is a busy time in any practice.  The combination of team members taking time off to shop, see family or attend the school nativity; clients wanting to get their pets ‘sorted’ before Christmas; with the addition of Labradors wolfing down their body weight in posh chocolate, mistakenly left under the tree.

But, being prepared can take the stress out of the season.  So here is how you can use your Training-Progress system to help you to ensure your team is Christmas ready.

  1. As the team is often down to a skeleton staff over holiday periods, make sure those who are working, are fully trained in all relevant tasks, so that they are not caught out.  To ensure they are all signed off in this group of tasks you could create an Extra Link (Previously called External Qualification link).  This will allow you and the team members to see what they need to do to be prepared for lone working in this period.  If you are not sure how to create or administer Extra Links, contact Training-Progress Support for advice.

  2. Remind the whole team of your agreed protocols for common Christmas emergencies; chocolate toxicity, raisin toxicity and de-icer poisoning.  Review your protocols and then send them for reassessment to your team.  In the future, you will be able to set a fixed reassessment date for these elements so that the team automatically get a reminder every year.

  3. Communication is the key to keep things running smoothly.  For important nuggets of information use the Urgent News feature to send out messages to your team.  You can then track who has read the message and give them a nudge if necessary.  That way, you know that the message has got through to all relevant team members.

  4. Make sure your Hotlinks are up to date with important festive information. 

    1. Lab opening times


    2. Branch opening times


    3. Wholesaler delivery times


    4. Gas delivery schedule


    5. Out-of-hours contacts


    6. What to do in emergency checklists (power failure, gas failure, Computer failure, Water failure, alarm problem)


  5. Make sure you have an IPad or other device ready, charged and with a link to Training-Progress and your Practice management system on the homepage in case of a power cut.

  6. Make sure your team feels appreciated.  Use the Award Bonus Points feature to thank individual team members for additional effort or care over the Christmas period.  Not only will this boost their moral but this information will be available as positive feedback for their appraisal meeting in the coming year.

  7. Cold/extreme weather procedures need to be shored up.  Check your protocols.  Make sure you have a store of rock salt well in advance and procedures in place for who is responsible for preparing your grounds.  Again, these can be sent for reassessment to ensure all your team members are prepared.

  8. Consider what your training priorities might be for the coming year.  What has gone well and should be engrained into your team culture? What has not gone so well and will need better solutions to be investigated and shared?  Whatever your training priorities, make sure you chat to Training-Progress Support, so that we can best help you achieve them.

  9. Use your General News feature to invite your team to your Christmas party or event.  Your team can even log in from home to check details.

  10. Lastly, use the General News feature to wish your team a Very Happy Christmas. 


We, at Training-Progress, would also like to wish all our loyal customers and friends a Very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

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