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7th Nov 2018 | Laura Shaw

I had a delightful day in the beautiful Wye Forest yesterday. I wasn’t just swanning around with the dog, although we did have a pleasant little walk, but I was there to record a webinar with the fabulous Clare Spencer. Clare, a veterinary educator and locum, is passionate about the veterinary profession and she believes that education within the profession regarding communication, is as important as keeping surgical and medical skills up to date.

So, we have joined forces to create learning opportunities based on this subject, for the benefit of our clients and their teams, and so, their own clients and patients. The fabulous technical skills of veterinary professionals are no use to the patients they care for, if they are unable to communicate the need for the intervention to the owner. We must also have the skills to understand the needs of our clients, and it may surprise you to hear that people often won’t tell you what it is they really want or need from you, unless you know how to ask them. Interestingly, Anne Fawcett was discussing this point in her Research Review article in the VetRecord this week too(1), so we are on a hot topic! This exciting project will be coming soon but will be preceded but two fabulous educational events.

Firstly, we are delighted that our director, Bob partridge has once again been asked to speak at the London Vet Show in the Business stream. He will be speaking on Thursday 15th November at 4 pm about Induction to Practice, and how to increase efficiency while reducing stress. As a business owner for many years, this is a subject Bob is keen to share his experiences of; you need to get it right for the happiness and retention of the new team member, and the stability and adhesion of your current team.

In addition to this, we will be introducing a taster of our pharmacology modules which have been written and presented by Pamela Mosedale; a leading figure of our profession. We are delighted that Pamela has agreed host these modules which are designed to educate the whole team in the concepts and regulations of dispensing, supplying and prescribing Veterinary Medicines.

So, while Training-Progress is not primarily a CPD provider, our system is a training and document management system, we are keen to share and educate within the profession which we love, and over the coming months and years we hope to use Training-Progress to bring high quality, relevant education to the whole practice team.

(1) Fawcett,A. What do clients want in a veterinarian? Vet Rec 2018;183:531-533.

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