Objectives and Goals

7th Feb 2018 | Laura Shaw

We are pretty keen on goals and objectives here at Training-Progress.  Without goals how can you measure your success and without out success in your work……where is the job satisfaction?

The training programme created for each team member by Training-Progress is a goal setting exercise, training is delivered in timely bitesize pieces ensuring team members keep achieving as they develop.

Team members are also able to see how they are doing against a job role bench mark – the number of points they need to achieve to complete training on their job role (for now).  I say ‘for now’ as training must be an on-going process.  

We talk a lot about setting objectives during the set-up of a Training-Progress system.  Our clients are busy, as are their teams.  The only way a change can be made in that environment and the system be ingrained into the practice life, is by setting bite-sized objectives to get there.

I am sure you have heard of SMART objectives – but they are worth reminding ourselves about regularly to make sure we are being efficient in our task setting and delegation.  For example, don’t just ask someone to go away and write some protocols. Be SPECIFIC; please write me protocols about X, Y and Z.  Make it MEASURABLE; set a certain number. Make it ACHIEVABLE; if the task is too big it won’t even get started. Make it RELEVANT; make sure the team member understands why they are being asked to write the protocols. Make it TIME TARGETED; you need to set a date for completion or the task will just drift on for ever.

Training-Progress have been working closely with Ashlea Vets by setting objectives during their System Review.  Objectives were agreed upon by practice system administrators, Kirsty and Rowena and also me as their Training-Progress support representative.  The objectives set included; use both urgent and general news features at least weekly for the next month; edit and bring live the whole anaesthesia work area by 6 weeks; targets were also set for engagement of key team members.  One of my objectives was to create an additional support video to assist the practice.

A follow up meeting was diarised – so we knew the objectives would be checked up on.  I was delighted with the level of engagement, and although we did not quite achieve all our objectives the first time, we made a big step forward.  New objectives were set on further review we are within a hare’s whisker of full achievement.  

At his recent SPVS/VPMA congress lecture ‘The Power of Goals’ Andy McCreadie of Sandler Training was discussing how important it is to have both personal and professional goals, and to set yourself SMART objectives in your plan to achieve them.  But he also recommended listening to your team members. What are their professional and personal goals? What can you do to help them to achieve them?  How do they ally with your business goals?  He discussed that understanding your team members’ goals and helping them to achieve them would give you a happier and more committed work force.  What a great sentiment?  Our friends at Ashlea Vets flipped that around and advertised their own objectives to their team (via the Training-Progress Urgent News feature), so their team would know and understand their objectives and work together to achieve them. – Well done guys.


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