ONCORE provide structured online group courses that offer all the benefits of learning with the support of a tutor, alongside others in your profession, and from the comfort and convenience of your home or office.


ONCORE courses run 100% online as interactive group courses over a set period from ONCORE's flexible learning platform, and incorporate narrated lecture/s, useful resources and reading lists, study guidelines, and learning forums.

Tutor support is provided throughout, with tutor feedback on your coursework.



Study time is relatively flexible throughout the duration of the courses, there are no set times you need to be online, and you can adapt your study to your needs and time schedule.

The courses offer different approaches to learning – from self-study and research, watching lectures, interacting on the forums, and producing coursework – to offering you the tools to take your learning back to your team.



ONCORE's courses offer in-depth and active learning, and will give you practical resources to take away with you as a result of your work – a protocol, set of guidelines or a client leaflet constructed by you – so relevant and applicable to your place of work – ensuring your learning reaches your practice, your team, your clients and your patients.

All courses also incorporate an element of reflective practice, giving you the opportunity to develop this vital skill, to use it to progress professionally.

Our full courses are categorised as ‘Distance learning – on-line/ formal (assessed and/or moderated by a third party)’ on your CPD record.



ONCORE also offer a selection of one-week workshops, which offer all the benefits of interactive, tutored learning, and you will be given guidance on creating useful materials for practice – the only difference is that your coursework is not assessed. As they run over one-week only, they provide a great way to gather a wealth of information on a particular topic, in a shorter timescale.


Courses available

We currently have courses in the following subject areas:

Clinics and consults

Leadership & Management

Patient-Friendly Practice

Practice Standards

Training and Behaviour




Career progression

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To find out more about ONCORE and their courses, and to view our selection of articles and blogs, visit:

You can contact ONCORE by calling +44 (0)121 663 1971 or going to:



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