Appreciating the Trainers

Many forward looking organisations are adopting the devolved model of supplying training. This is where organisations do not depend upon just the senior staff providing the training, but encourage suitably qualified and experienced individuals within the team to take on the role of Trainer for specific elements. It is important to reward this additional responsibility, Training-Progress does this by doubling the Trainer’s Training-Index score for that element. The system also allows managers to see how active individual Trainers are – is it just one person who handles all of the assessments and help requests? 
The system allows managers to assess the effectiveness of Trainer’s responses to Help Requests. It also allows assessment of the training they provide. For example, if a number of Trainees are judged competent by a Trainer and subsequently found to be lacking in the skill – then remedial action can be directed towards the Trainer, as well as revisiting the Trainees’ education.