We know that an effective training management system will help your business success and growth. The last thing we want to do is to put blocks on that! Our most basic Training-Progress package will allow your business to identify unlimited Job Roles, unlimited Work Areas and unlimited individual elements. This basic package will also allow you to enrol up to 500 team members and to maintain past records of leavers indefinitely.

Enterprise Versions

Larger companies may have a head office and several sites. Training-Progress includes the flexibility to allow head office to globally update central information (such as Health & Safety procedures) for multiple separate sites. Each local site will contain their local information (Fire muster points etc.) and can run independently with local managers, team leaders, supervisors etc. ensuring that the local team is progressing through their training. However head office can centrally provide protocols and procedures that are shared throughout the organisation and can be responsible for updates and revisions. Head office can also assist local managers by running reports and helping to identify training gaps etc.