Training Delegation

Many businesses find that too much of their senior staff time is taken up with training new recruits. Training-Progress helps to delegate the training, it also helps empower team members. The concept is that once a team member has been signed off as “competent” in a task, they then practice the learned skill. They may then apply to a Supervisor to be graded as competent to train other staff in that particular skill. If the supervisor is happy that the team member has not only the relevant competency, but also the ability to train and assess others in that task, then they can be signed off as a “Trainer”. This reaps individual rewards in a boost to their Training-Index, but also is recorded on their training CV showing an increase in their value to the organisation. Within a Work Area there may be some individuals who, whilst competent at one task – may not be suitable to train others in it, but perfectly capable of training a different task. 
The net result is that the pool of available trainers is greatly increased. The organisation doesn’t have to wait until Mary is a supervisor before she can train any new recruit. Mary’s skills can be used to train others in the tasks that she is ready for. In addition, her self-esteem is increased and her value to the organisation is recognised.