Skill Gap Analysis

A skill matrix as outlined above can be used to identify a “skill gap” for the organisation. This is where there are no (or too few) individuals with a relevant competency in certain elements. Additionally, Training-Progress allows managers to identify if a job role, work area or an individual element has too few team members graded as competent (the actual number can be individually selected for each search). Training–Progress also allows an analysis of the whether there are sufficient “Trainers” capable of educating new team members in the relevant skill.

“What-If” Skill Gap Analysis

A further refinement of the skill gap analysis is the ability to run the same reports – but making the assumption that a certain team member is no longer available. This can be used for contingency planning (the “hit by a bus” scenario as one of our users describes it!), but also planning for maternity leave or team changes. We believe that this capability is unique and represents a powerful tool for your effective team management.